This policy should make things clear for those who want to find out the way we preserve personal info provided throughout the working process.

Information about the visitor

Clients that go to our site provide certain data regarding the version of their operating system and browser.
No third parties can access this data. It is utilized for our internal objectives only and serves for boosting the site’s quality and making the interface more user-friendly.

Web Cookies

We gather web cookies, that is, data files stored on your pc or laptop whenever you browse the Web, for marketing purposes to analyze this info using Google Analytics.
Any private info isn’t available via internet cookies due to the fact only some secondary details on the visitor’s Internet browsing activity are stored there.
The cookie information comes back to us as internet activity reports once being handled by Google.

Personal data

Certain details such as contact and payment info are essential to make the order successfully.
Such type of information is used only in case of problems associated with your order, and its absolute privacy is guaranteed.
We by no means share this information with any other companies; we use our customer’s e-mail address for communication such as sending order status notifications etc.
Phone numbers are required in order to get in touch with the client in some emergency situations such as corrupted files, instruction clarifications, and other instances of this kind.

Links to External Resources

You can find links to the sites of other companies on our website, but we are not responsible for any information provided there.
We update the privacy policy regularly to ensure it matches the needs of the user.
All our clients are more than welcome to look at the latest changes to keep abreast.