Doing our best, we strive to satisfy all the expectations of our clients, offering them only top-rate essays and other types of papers. We understand how important it is for clients to be familiar with their rights and possibilities provided by our service, that is the reason we’ve written this section, that is our money back guarantee. The acknowledgement of mutual obligations by customers and our team helps us to work with confidence, helping you at the highest level.

Thanks to our service’s dependability and solid reputation, our customers ask for a refund extremely rarely. We offer our customers the ability to have their work revised, making sure that every demand is fulfilled.

If the circumstances of your order are the same as those set out in the next subsections, you’ve got a possibility to use our money back option. We want to emphasize that only in some instances there is a chance to refund all your money spent.

100% refund

  1. The same order made twice
    As soon as you find out that you mistakenly placed two orders which appear to be the same, contact our customer support – it will help you get your money back. Place the order attentively and do not hesitate in case there is a mistake because after the processing of your paper begins you cannot return the full amount.
  2. When we haven’t chosen a writer yet, but the order had been cancelled
    No in-depth explanation is necessary for this instance. You are absolutely entitled to get a full refund in case the writer has not started doing your task.
  3. When our service can’t find a suitable professional
    It is a very rare situation, but you should understand that it still could occur in cases when most writers are occupied and/or you have a very intricate task.
  4. One order – two bills
    This can happen only by mistake. If you realize that you have been charged double price, contacting our customer support is the first thing you have to do. That’s why we suggest you save all the receipts as a proof of your purchase.

Partial refund

Cases laid out down below allow you to get a partial refund:

  1. Late delivery
    It only happens in case of some unforeseeable circumstances. We settle the amount of refund individually with every purchaser because it’s influenced by different factors. Although, it occasionally is because of the client’s negligence. It sometimes is hard for us to begin working on the order because the client hasn’t sent us some crucial materials. This is why the money-back option is not always offered in case of a missed deadline date. Make sure you do not delay the sending of the required materials since this step is very important for the proper completion of your assignment.
  2. Our professional was appointed, but you choose to call off your order
    Here, you can get about 70% of the entire amount to cover writer’s effort with the rest. However, if over half of time left to the due date passed, you would receive only 50% of your money back.
  3. Post-submission claim
    Allow us to know all your feedback about the final result, and we will do everything to resolve any difficulties. The refund would depend on whether your complaints are well-founded and justifiable enough. Yet, these cases are very rare because we always strive to fulfill all your requirements.
  4. Plagiarism
    Any buyer, who’s shown us the presence of plagiarized materials in the received work is entitled to a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. In case the mark is lower than you expected
    Offering you the best papers, we can’t ensure that your teacher or professor will evaluate it the way it should theoretically be evaluated.
  2. Proofreading, formatting, editing
    We happily supply our customers with several refining services, but we believe it is important to highlight that we never change the content material of the initial paper. We aren’t accountable for the content of the originally given text or any claims regarding its content.

Money-back process

Once we confirm that your request for a refund is reasonable, it’ll take no more than five workdays for your money to be returned. We’d like to underline that our service is not responsible for any problems associated with the third parties involved (e.g. banks).

Also, we offer the money-back option for the amount of more than 10 USD since otherwise it hardly covers the transaction fees. In addition to the refund itself, it’s possible to use this money to spend on our future assistance, saving the remained sum on your personal account.