A few helpful tips that will help you to find best essay topic and write your essay


Essay writing has proven to be a dreadlock task among many college students. While essay writing is a cheap task, college students find it hard to settle on a topic. There are numerous essay topics from which you can choose. Moreover, English essay topics are categorized into two groups namely; Persuasive essay topics and argumentative essay topics. Persuasive essays are aimed at convincing the reader. When writing persuasive essays, you first give your opinion then develop adequate evidence to support it. In the next section, we will discuss argumentative essay topics.


In argumentative essays, the essay topics are provided to you. You are then required to define your position or stand on a chosen topic. You are required to give examples in order to make audience see things from your perspective.

Are you stuck with writing you scholarship essay for you MBA, or admission to a Law, Medical school or any other professional course? Do you want to write your essay with ease? Here are a few helpful tips that will guide you to writing the best academic essay.

  • Choose a topic

First off, sometimes the topic for essay writing is given to you, or you may be at liberty to make your own choice. However, in the later, you need to choose a topic interests you. Second, you also need to spell out the aim of your essay. Is it to persuade or inform? Lastly, whatever the purpose is, ensure that your essay is interesting.

  • Prepare a layout of your ideas

A professional essay requires that you organize your thoughts. Therefore, you need to jot your ideas on a piece of paper. This gives you an opportunity to visualize the connections between your thoughts. This layout becomes the foundation of your essay.

  • Note down your thesis statement

Now that you have organized your thoughts, writing a thesis statement is your next task. Your thesis should capture the key ideas. A strong thesis statement should state the topic as well as define the purpose of your essay.

  • Write the body

The body of an academic essay argues, describes or explains your topic. Each key idea should be a separate section or paragraph.

  • Write an Introduction

Starting with an attention grabber is a great introduction. You should focus on the essay too. The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion

This section sums up your ideas while reinforcing your thesis.


Sometimes, the topic for essay writing is given to you, or you are allowed to choose a topic that interests you. Whichever the case, you are free to choose the essay ideas. The best topics for essay writing give you the freedom to express your creativity, ideas and prowess.